Restoring Sanity and/or Fear Rally

Roundup of comments and crowd estimates. The Hill – a straw poll:

86 percent of participants surveyed said they planned to vote Democratic this week, with eight percent undecided and just one percent voting Republican.

Right away you realize this crowd, and perhaps the Stewart and Colbert fans, do not represent the national demographic. Or perhaps it is just the idealism of youth. I wonder how many of them actually have a job and pay taxes?

Continuing with The Hill:

Only one in four surveyed said they [were] more excited about this election than 2008. Thirty-nine percent said their enthusiasm had diminished.

A full 90 percent of rally attendees approved of President Obama, with 56 percent approving of him strongly. Only 10 percent disapproved of the president, just 2 percent strongly.

Forty-one percent said the most important issue is jobs, while healthcare came in with just 11 percent. Eighty-seven percent said Obama should prioritize “investing in programs that put people back to work” as opposed to “focusing on cutting spending instead.”

Assuming these are young folks, they really need to look at the national debt of the future. They are soooooo screwed!

Some comments claim they didn’t pick up their trash but no pictures yet.

The rally was at the opposite end of the Mall relative to the 828 rally. The rally area was also significantly smaller so the 828 crowd was larger. And at Big Hollywood, you can see what you missed – or didn’t miss. Here you can compare the crowd pictures side by side .

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2 Responses to “Restoring Sanity and/or Fear Rally”

  • Me:

    I can see… How many people did you ask there?
    Not to mention this is a forum (essentially). Is it possible to draw accurate conclusions with just those photos… and if so, I would love to see actual measurements close ups to judge density…

    Or rather than pass this off to be taken as it is seen, there could be a genuine opinion in its place. I would appreciate that much more even if it isn’t my cup of tea.

    • Loren:

      I never set out to estimate the crowd size. But given the area is 6 tenths of the 828 rally, unless the density was 1.67 times that of the 828 rally – not likely, then it is unlikely the Sanity rally could have the same number as the 828 rally. Here is a side by side comparison.

      The number who tried to attend can not be estimated but many have posted they gave up trying to get in and adjourned to a watering hole and watched it on TV.