Crops for fuel, means starvation for people without cars!

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One Response to “Crops for fuel, means starvation for people without cars!”

  • Loren:

    Far more important than ethanol is revealed in the second to last sentence: “Global demand for corn, soybeans and wheat has outstripped production for the last 10 years.” As the dollar falls, our exports become relatively cheaper in the global market.

    Any ethanol producer who is NOT harvesting ethanol while producing livestock feed (DDG – dried distillers grain), will soon go out of business.

    But the price of corn follows the price of oil! This is an example of correlation not equaling cause and effect. Think about it a moment. The very economic forces creating greater demand for U.S. grains has the same effect on oil. The “new” middle class of the globe want cars AND beef steak.