The Unemployment Rate Confusion,

Only in America, the land of Fuzzy Math, and corrupt Government, can a negative be turned into a positive, and it fools the people all the time.

The Unemployment rate just dropped from 9% to 8.6%, and Obama has proclaimed it a new day in America with his leadership. Lets look at the math, simple math that is. In November, 120,000 new jobs happened. In November, 315,000 people gave up looking for work. In November, 402,000 new applications for unemployment were filed. Confused? Lets try it anther way 315,000 + 402,000 = 717,000 new people without work in November. Obama’s Government added 120,000 new jobs, so we have 120,000 – 717,000 = 597,000 net jobs lost. 36% of the work force is unemployeed, and they hail this as a great victory. This is proof, Darwin’s theory of evolution is a farce!

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