Iowa THEN vs NOW

Four years ago, Iowa was painted as a backwater, guns and Bible clutching, know-nothings. Why less than 2% of the population was African-American. There was no way they would nominate Barack Obama. Iowa just shouldn’t be first in the nation.

Much to the surprise of the talking heads and media elites, Barack Obama won the Iowa Democrat caucus. If you were holding your breath for an apology, you passed away four years ago.

But here is sort of an apology, or, at least some journalists actually do look up the facts. Watch the whole video or go to 11:17 of Shields and Brooks on the PBS Newshour broadcast of 12/30/2011. If you don’t have the bandwidth for video, scroll down near the end of the transcript. I especially enjoyed Shields line:

It has the sixth highest high school graduation rate, higher than the coastal, smug states of Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington.

Truly a “HOLY COW!” moment. Or, perhaps a “Ubetcha!”

I’ve been defending and exalting the hicks and hayseeds of flyover country for 35 years. No sweat… It is an easy task.

One Response to “Iowa THEN vs NOW”

  • dzellaha:

    It’s 11:50 on December 31st.,,I’m in Texas, and the fireworks are going off big time. Open the door, and it’s the 4th. of July, even the smell of powder is in the air. Iowan’s are no less, or no more fucking dumb then the rest of the Nation, but dumb we are, one major reason is that almost half of the Country is now foreign born, and they have no stake, or understanding of the Nation we knew!