The Trayvon Martin shooting

Far too many people are making comments not based on facts. The people who really know what happened can not talk to anyone but the investigators.

Seems people haven’t learned anything from the Duke lacrosse case or the Tawana Brawley case. When it comes to race far too many people reach conclusions based on their own racists views. Consider Susan Smith who claimed a black man hijacked her car with her kids inside. Did Al Sharpten or Jesse Jackson praise the police officers who didn’t believe her story? I don’t think so.

People like Spike Lee and Roseanne Bar, have once again proven they have no common sense. Well they are from the entertainment industry which generally has few of the brightest individuals. You aren’t likely to find people of STEM quality among them. They violated Twitter rules and put innocent lives at risk. Can they be prosecuted? I hope so. Attorney General Eric Holder jumped into action to ensure justice. Meanwhile, Holder will not offer information on who approved Fast and Furious or why. Where is justice for Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry or ICE Agent Jaime Zapata? Did the New Black Panthers violate any laws by offering a bounty? Seems likely to the average person. Offering a bounty, especially in this case, seems like a hate crime. Where is The Southern Poverty Law Center?

When young men and boys are killed, the odds are 80 to 90 percent that the killer is the same race. Anyone who is familiar with crime stats are well aware of this fact. Where is the outrage over the 80 to 90 percent.

Still, no matter what the real facts are, this is a tragedy for Trayvon Martin’s family. No parent is prepared for a child to precede them in death. Even for parents of a soldier.

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