The real unemployment rate

Mort Zuckerman explains the real unemployment rate on the CNN Fareed Zakaria Global Public Square (GPS) program of 01/22/2012. Note that the number he arrives at is what current unemployment would be if the government still calculated unemployment like it was during the Great Depression! And the number is NOT that different!

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You can watch the whole GPS panel discussion here. Most of the panel, at the end of January 2012, thought the Tea Party was done. No, we were done protesting. Now we are educating; explaining the Federalist papers, showing our neighbors the government is robbing the future of our children and grandchildren, we are the minutemen of, hopefully, the second Reagan revolution. We know the real power is Congress – state and federal. Most of us realize 2012 will be the most important election since 1860. This time, we will not relent until the scope of government is reduced, more in line with what our founding fathers had visualized.
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One Response to “The real unemployment rate”

  • Loren:

    I forgot to mention Mr. Zuckerman is a Democrat and voted for Obama. Why, I have no idea.