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Rule by Decree

It is all about jobs. So says our President by title and Campaigner In Chief by action. Of course he blames the Republicans for blocking his job proposals and much of the media is quick to echo his claim. They fail to mention the Senate is controlled by the Presidents party. Meanwhile, unlike the Senate, the House seems to have been doing their job. The House has passed 15 job bills that Harry Reid will not bring to the Senate floor for debate let alone for a vote. Who is really blocking job bills?

The Campaigner In Chief knows all his and the Senate efforts are short term solutions designed to gain votes while increasing national debt. Uncertainty remains high. So he has turned to Executive Orders. Here is a list:

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“Keynesian Coma”

This may be the best phrase defining President Obama’s job efforts – and this administration economics in general.


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Playing the hand you are dealt – Reagan Vs Obama

The President loves to point out he was dealt a bad hand when he took office. But if he thinks his was bad, what does he think of Reagan’s?

When Reagan took office, inflation was 12%, Mortgage interest was over 16%, unemployment was at 7.5% headed for 10%+, oil prices were triple those of four years earlier. As if that wasn’t enough, stagflation was used to describe the U.S. economy – stagnate growth with inflation. According to Keynesian macroeconomic theory, stagflation, or recession with inflation, was considered impossible.

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Tea Party Downgrade

To show how absurd this focus group phrase is, consider these words from the S&P warning in April.

Rating Action
On April 18, 2011, Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services affirmed its ‘AAA’ long-term and ‘A-1+’ short-term sovereign credit ratings on the United States of America and revised its outlook on the long-term rating to negative from stable.

Note the date is April 18, 2011.

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A review of John Boehner’s first budget war

By Chris Stirewalt:

He is the primary author of a compromise to keep the government operating for the rest of the year with the largest spending reduction in history – 63 percent of the original GOP request of $61 billion.

This of course is a piddling part of what is needed, but he walked the tightrope and most likely got as much as possible. And he may have positioned the Republicans in the strongest position for future debates. He, his staff, or the House Republicans, deserve an A for Strategy and Tactics.

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The BBC reports 4/6/11

Here is how the BBC on PBS covered Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal and the Presidents interruption of the news conference. Comments have been added starting at about 1 minute.

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Hammer it home! Again and Again!

When the President, or Senator Harry Reid, address the press, why doesn’t any journalists ask why the Democrats, who controlled both the House and Senate and the Presidency, did not pass a budget for the FY beginning the first day of October 2010? (FY 2011) No one will ask the question.

Here is the answer. The Democrats did not want to face mid-term elections after voting for a huge budget with a HUGE deficit. It was all politics. And they made that decision early on – shortly after President Obama sent his budget to Congress.

An epic and historical failure – by design. They all need to be thrown out in 2012.

KSM and buddies are back to military trials

Eric Holder – KSM and his cohorts are to be tried in military trials. Why the change? That is easy. The 2012 election! Remember that Obama announced the start of his campaign today also. Coincidence?

He lectured Congress about not having any say in determining where trials were to be held. He almost screamed the decision is solely an executive branch decision and Congress should mind their own business. Hey Eric, they control the purse. He who has the gold makes the rules. Welcome to the check and balances of our founding fathers.

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Progressives are not always progressive

Progressives LOVE the progressive income tax. But they also like sin taxes on alcohol and cigarettes, which are regressive taxes. They hit the poorest of society the hardest. But it is okay because it is for the “greater good”.

They are not progressive when it comes to Social Security. Bill Gates, Ted Turner, and Warren Buffett surely don’t need Medicare or Social Security benefits. So why not means test the benefit side of the equation? The answer was provided by Ted Turner in an interview where he claims his Social Security because it is his money. No safety net here. Hey Ted, most of your money in Social Security has been spent! How did this guy get rich?

If the Progressives were to means test benefits, the rich, whom they love to tax, would then lobby to kill Social Security or greatly reduce their payments, which might also kill Social Security. And that is why Progressives will not means test Social Security! Even though it would fit with their idea of redistributing wealth using progressive taxation.

Happy Anniversary to the Democrats on the House Budget Committee

On the 4th of November 2010, the Democrat controlled budget committee still showed the last entry on their web page as March 2010. So happy one year anniversary on your last web entry for the FY 2011 budget. What a bunch of losers!

While they did lose a bunch of seats in the US House, and justifiably so, they seem to have found their voice and have posted a FY 2011 budget. A dollar late and a dollar short. Still a bunch of losers! Do NOT let these idiots off the hook no matter what your political affiliation. Here is the top of their current page of the US House Budget Committee.

(d) 1 VIEWS AND ESTIMATES OF OTHER COMMITTEES.—Within 6 weeks after the President submits a budget under section 1105(a) of title 31, United States Code, or at such time as may be requested by the Committee on the Budget, each committee of the House of Representatives having legislative jurisdiction shall submit to the Committee on the Budget of the House and each committee of the Senate having legislative jurisdiction shall submit to the Committee on the Budget of the Senate its views and estimates (as determined by the committee making such submission) with respect to all matters set forth in subsections (a) and (b) which relate to matters within the jurisdiction or functions of such committee.

[Bold by yours truly.] Creating a budget is Job 1 for the US House. While the Democrats controlled two of the three branches of government in FY 2010, President, House, and Senate, they could not complete a budget. That is the worst performance in over 70 years!

And they intend to blame the Tea Party people if there is a government shutdown! They must think all citizens are idiots. It isn’t 1995 anymore. The people have a voice.

Email your congress person, House and Senate, that you intend to hold the Democrats responsible for the mess they made of the FY 2011 budget. If there is a government shutdown, you will blame any and all Democrats.