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Oct 29, 2012 - Tea Party Agenda, Video's    Comments Off

The GOP has the same problem as the Tea Party

Bad media coverage!

Notice how talking heads, when blaming the Republican controlled House for blocking Obama change, often blame “The Tea Party” Republicans. Michele Bachmann’s Tea Party Caucus totals 61 members of the 241 Republicans in the House after the 2010 election. Anyone familiar with the base 10 number system can be very certain that 61 can not control 241. Not even if they were all school yard bullies in their younger years. Anytime you hear anyone make this comment blaming the Tea Party Republicans is being dishonest, lying, or revealing their bias. These people should be ignored – especially if you are NOT a Tea Party Member. We who share the ideals of the Tea Party have been ignoring such people for years. 2010 showed that we, and like minded people, have a very strong effect on party politics. We would be happy to welcome Democrats as well but there aren’t many centrist Democrats left in Congress.

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Sep 5, 2012 - Economy, Education, Video's    1 Comment

A PBS program you should watch

Civilization: The West and the Rest with Niall Ferguson.

The first episode is the best and you should certainly watch it. But then it confirms what I’ve thought for years. You can make a strong argument that the Islamic world saved Western Civilization, and the greatest benefit of the Crusades was the knowledge brought back which helped to end the European Dark Ages (See The Age of Enlightenment). Yet the Islamic world has been living in their own Dark Age since the seventh century. Iran is only the latest example. You can also make a strong historical argument that all Dark Ages occur when religion and government become intertwined. Our founding fathers knew this because they had read history and the thinkers of the Enlightenment.

Who are the one percenters?

The left seems to assume they are all on Wall Street and Republicans. But what about all those athletes and entertainers? While I agree that CEO pay is too high in many corporations for the role they play, they at least oversee a large number of jobs. Athletes and entertainers, not so much. While some are admirable in their philanthropic efforts, few would last one year in STEM college courses or occupations. So let us review some of those Wall Street one percenters.

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The U word is becoming ubiquitous

Major Garrett was one of the best reporters at Fox News. When he decided to leave and go back to print journalism, viewers sent many emails expressing sorrow at him leaving but wished him well at the National Journal. To his credit, he is still spot on with his reporting.

Here then is a panel discussion on State of the Union w Candy Crowley CNN 2012 0506. Panelists – Major Garrett of National Journal, Alice Rivlin Economists and Douglas Hotlz-Eakin (Economist, Professor, Served as Director of CBO.)

[media id=50 width=464 height=280]

Spot on Major Garrett.

Newt Gingrich on the Tea Party – same show. Newt is still one of the best at stomping all over the media.

The real unemployment rate

Mort Zuckerman explains the real unemployment rate on the CNN Fareed Zakaria Global Public Square (GPS) program of 01/22/2012. Note that the number he arrives at is what current unemployment would be if the government still calculated unemployment like it was during the Great Depression! And the number is NOT that different!

[media =58 width=474 height=292]

You can watch the whole GPS panel discussion here. Most of the panel, at the end of January 2012, thought the Tea Party was done. No, we were done protesting. Now we are educating; explaining the Federalist papers, showing our neighbors the government is robbing the future of our children and grandchildren, we are the minutemen of, hopefully, the second Reagan revolution. We know the real power is Congress – state and federal. Most of us realize 2012 will be the most important election since 1860. This time, we will not relent until the scope of government is reduced, more in line with what our founding fathers had visualized.

Health Care – Who is the customer?

This question was asked, and answered, by my kid brother who is facing several major surgeries. He has a good insurance company but why not see, if you have the means, to negotiate a better price from the best sources? Well, you can’t. If a doctor wants to keep their Medicare patients, they can’t perform their work at less than the Medicare rate. You might have a better chance of negotiating with a hospital, a friend did do this, but not if you have an insurance company involved.

So who is the customer? It is either your insurance company or the government but NOT you the patient.

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You have to love Charles Krauthammer

Or at minimum his brain, or how his brain works. On 5/24, the All-Star Panel of Special Report discussed the WI Gov. Scott Walker recall (quick watch – Dr. K starts about 3:00 of 4:23).

The Democrats are no longer claiming this will predict the Nov. 2012 election since Scott Walker is leading in polls by 7 points. (On Wisconsin! – You go Tea Parties of Wisconsin.) Charles on the Democrats now discounting the recall election – “its like saying Waterloo was a skirmish in the Belgium wilderness” – Just outstanding!

I’ve posted before that the lefties can’t handle Special Report because there are no Cliffnotes available. No one on the left can go toe to toe with the good doctor. Those who can, well they aren’t lefties. (Search blog for “the panel special report”). And if you’ve read your share of resumes, you know Charles is smart and tough.

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No, but I will…

Few media outlets have played the full Newt Gingrich slam or slap on the media. Equally important is the response of the other candidates.

[media id=48 width=512 height=310]
Mitt took the right approach. Santorum and Paul took veiled shots at Newt but Paul did at least add his own dig at the media.

And what is it about the GOP establishment and their dislike of Gingrich?

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Why the left doesn’t watch the panel on Fox Special Report

From Special Report with Bret Baier 12/27/2011.

[media id=47 width=488 height=296]

They can’t get Cliffsnotes for the show. A classic panel exchange? Indeed Sir! Go ahead and check if Dr. K had the dates correct. The producers could edit such segments of the panel and make a terrific ad for the show.